Tuesday, December 29, 2015


The last BUZZ of 2015!  A bit “slender” considering the holidays.

* Tax pros – did you get my Christmas present yet?  Click here to read the premiere issue (January 2016) of THE TAX PROFESSIONAL quarterly e-magazine.  And spread the word, and the issue, to fellow tax pros.  Your, and their, thoughts, comments and suggestions are welcomed and solicited.

* And while I have your attention – Tax pros, please join me in 2016 in my crusade to advocate and promote serious and substantive tax reform by joining TAX PROFESSIONALS FOR TAX REFORM.

* Have you been following TaxGirl Kelly Phillips Erb’s series on “12 Days Of Charitable Giving 2015” at FORBES.COM? 

* Sarah Brenner explains “How a Stay-At-Home Spouse Can Make IRA Contributions” at THE SLOTT REPORT –

If you are married, you may be able to make an IRA contribution based on your spouse’s taxable compensation for the year. These IRA contributions are called ‘spousal IRA contributions’. Spousal IRA contributions can be a valuable tool if you are a parent who has left the workplace to stay home with your children and you are concerned about the impact this may have on your retirement savings.”  

* Jason Dinesen goes far back for his Christmas Day “From the Archives” post at DINESEN TAX TIMES.  It was back in February of 2011 when he first answered the question “Does the 5th Amendment Protect You During an Audit?”.
I won't give away the answer - you will have to read the post.

* Russ Fox reminds us that it is the “Last Chance for Nominees for 2015 Tax Offender of the Year over at TAXABLE TALK.  Get your nomination in today!

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