Monday, February 15, 2016


2 down – 9 to go.

Weeks of my tax filing season, that is (Feb 1 – April 17).
I have done and mailed out 28 sets of returns already.  And I have either done, received, or made arrangements with 26% of my client mailing list so far (probably actually a slightly higher percentage – I have not been to the Post Office to pick up Saturday’s arrivals as I was “out of state” this week-end).

I expect I am a little ahead of last season – certainly not behind.  I did have some surprise “early birds” so far this year.

There have been no issues – processing, computer, or weather – so far.  Let us hope that continues

Prior to this week-end I was getting returns done and mailed out (or red-filed – need more info) as they arrived.  Now the backlog begins.

I picked up 12 sets of returns this week-end.  Before leaving on Friday I had 9 returns in the “to be done” box and 2 “red files”.  I can only guess how many returns are waiting for me at the Post Office as we “speak”.

So the season is off to a good start. 

OK – back to the 1040s!


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