Thursday, June 9, 2016


Sorry for another strictly political post – but I feel it is important.
Republican leaders and politicians, on both the federal and state level, must grow some balls. 
They must not begrudgingly accept and support dangerous buffoon Donald Trump as a legitimate candidate for President.  They must listen to their conscience and intelligence, if they possess either, and, like Mitt Romney, who apparently cares about the future of the Party, the country, and the world, acknowledge that Trump is not fit to be President and reject his candidacy, despite the fact that he will most likely be the official Party nominee based on primary voting results.
Republicans and conservatives do have a viable alternative to voting for the dangerous buffoon for President or choosing Clinton as, in their minds, the lesser of two evils.  They have the nominees of the Libertarian Party for President and Vice President - former Republican Governors with proven track records Gary Johnson, and Bill Weld.
According to the National Review –
Johnson is a self-made man, starting a handyman business in college that grew into a 1,000-employee construction firm. He ran for governor as a fiscal conservative in a blue state {New Mexico – rdf} , won handily, and can now boast that he cut taxes, vetoed hundreds of bills, presided over significant job growth, balanced the state budget, and created a substantial reserve fund.”
Wikepedia tells us Bill Weld “served as the 68th Governor {of Massachusetts – rdf} from 1991 to 1997. He was re-elected by the largest margin in Massachusetts' history in 1994”.  He was also
As both were Governors and not Congresspersons, voting for them would not be “rewarding” any of the idiots in Congress for incompetence and inaction.
Republicans can embrace and support their Congressional and state and local candidates, but openly reject Trump, and support, or at least vote for, the Libertarian candidate for President.
So, Republican leaders and politicians - grow some balls and call a spade a shovel.  For the sake of the country and the world publicly reject and denounce the candidacy of Donald Trump.

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