Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Let me introduce two new monthly online newsletters – one free and one not free.

The free one is ROBERT D FLACH’S THE 1040 LETTER – with valuable tax planning and preparation advice, information, and resources.  It is a “companion” to THE WANDERING TAX PRO.

Click here to read the premiere issue.

The second newsletter is really not about taxes, although it will contain at least one article on taxes each monthly issue.  It is titled BOBSERVATIONS.

As I say in the “masthead”, this newsletter contains “Observations on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.  I will discuss, but not exclusively, popular culture (theatre, tv, movies, and the internet), personal finance (and, yes, taxes), politics, and travel.

A one year subscription to BOBSERVATIONS is only $9.95.  Premiere subscribers will also receive as a free gift my e-book WON’T YOU TAKE THIS ADVICE I HAND YOU LIKE A BROTHER – a compilation of my best tax advice from 45 years of preparing 1040s that currently costs $7.95.  And premiere subscribers will also receive a special 10% discount on the purchase of any of my other books, reports, and compilations.

The monthly issues of BOBSERVATIONS and WON’T YOU TAKE THIS ADVICE I HAND YOU AS A BROTHER will be delivered to subscribers as a pdf email attachment.

Click here to download a free sample of the premiere issue of BOBSERVATIONS.  An order form is included in the issue.

As with all my writings and publications – your thoughts, comments, and suggestions are welcomed and solicited.



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