Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Charities depend on the “kindness of strangers” to survive – kindness expressed through donations of cash and property and by volunteering.
I have prepared tax guides that explain the various tax benefits available to volunteers and contributors.  I have a long-version and short-version “Volunteer Tax Guide” and a “Contributor Tax Guide”.
A qualified tax-exempt non-profit organization, including a qualifying church, can reprint these guides for the purpose of providing copies free of charge to volunteers, members, and contributors of the organization.  There is no charge to the church or charity for the “reprint rights”. 
These guides will be delivered as an email attachment in word document format, so the organization can personalize them with its name and address.
Churches and charities who would like to use my tax guides as free gifts to contributors and volunteers should email me at rdftaxpro@yahoo.com with “TAX GUIDES FOR CHARITIES” in the subject line.

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