Tuesday, November 1, 2016


It comes as no surprise to me that every single intelligent journalistic voice in America has not only NOT endorsed Donald Trump for President, but has aggressively denounced his candidacy.  Even the most traditionally Republican newspapers have publicly denounced Trump, and have endorsed Libertarian Gary Johnson or Democrat Hillary Clinton.  It appears that only the NATIONAL ENQUIRER, not known for its journalistic integrity, has endorsed similarly integrity-challenged Trump.
The latest voice to denounce and oppose Trump is FORTUNE.  To quote from the editorial “Hope for the Day After” by Alan Murray, Chief Content Officer of Time, Inc and Editor-In-Chief of FORTUNE (highlight is mine) –
On the other side, Donald Trump has built his campaign on an attack on the very principles of globalization that fueled post–World War II prosperity.  Moreover, he has catered to our basest instincts.  His promotion of conspiracy theories, his fomenting of racist sentiment, his abusive comments and behavior toward women, his open adulation of authoritarian leaders, and his determination to trust gut over evidence all make him the least temperamentally suited candidate that either major party has put forward to lead the nation in modern times.
Alan also speaks of the –
. . . potentially most damaging legacy that the Trump campaign threatens to leave the nation: discrediting the legitimacy of the election. The finest tradition of American politics, dating back to the days of George Washington, is that the election loser quietly exits the stage. But Trump’s premature insistence that the election is “rigged” against him—by the likes of Clinton, Ryan, the “media,” or anyone else who gets in his way—and rumors that he is preparing to build a media outlet of his own to continue the campaign set the stage for a battle that lasts well past Election Day. We hope that’s not the case; there is much that needs to be done. But we fear it will be.”
I realize this is a tax blog – but I truly believe at this time in our history this is a more important issue that needs to be addressed publicly and aggressively at every opportunity.
Trump is not just self-important, self-absorbed, or arrogant - like his fellow undeserving “reality tv” no-talent celebrities.  His narcissism is so extreme it has reached the level of mental instability.
It is interesting that Trump’s “explainers” have used the concept that “there are more important issues” to trivialize and turn thought and discussion away from his “locker-room talk” – which 13, or is it 14 now, women have since come forward to attest was not “just words”.  Trump’s total disrespect for women – despite his lie that “nobody respects women more than I do" – and what has been proven to be his sincere belief that women exist solely to provide him with personal pleasure is a very, very important issue - among the most important this election.  This belief of Trump's makes it unthinkable and unacceptable to elect him to any position of power and authority.  And this is only one of a multitude of things that so do.
It is somewhat funny that the only thing Democrats and (serious and responsible) Republicans have been able to agree on this century is that Donald Trump must never become President!

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