Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Miracles can happen!
I found the following good news on the New Jersey Division of Taxation website - almost as if it were a response to the comment I made in this morning's earlier post about the NJ-NATP Famous State Tax Seminar (highlights are mine) -
NJ will continue to accept paper corporate business tax returns for the current filing year; however, all corporate payments are required to be submitted electronically.

We are in the process of developing a free filing option for corporate business tax returns so corporations can meet the efile requirement without additional cost. When free file becomes available, the mandate requiring all taxpayers and tax preparers to submit corporate business tax returns and payments electronically, will apply to all corporate taxpayers.”

My clients already gladly make all NJ state payments online - so that is not a problem. 
For the first time I can remember I am actually impressed by the NJ Division of Taxation!

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Jamaal Solomon said...

About time NJ is making improvement. It has been a nightmare every time I had to resolve a tax case with the NJ tax department.