Tuesday, June 27, 2017


* No surprise here.  Kay Bell gives us the word that “Bill collectors accused of using financially dubious tactics to collect unpaid IRS debts” at DON’T MESS WITH TAXES (highlight is mine) -

During a recent U.S. House hearing, Internal Revenue Service watchdogs told Representatives that, less than two months on the job, private tax bill collectors were already breaking collection and consumer protection rules.”

Kay reports (again, highlights are mine) –

“ . . . Pioneer is, according to the letter, ‘pressuring taxpayers to use financial products that could dramatically increase expenses, or cause them to lose their homes or give up their retirement security’.

In addition to making general suggestions about how to pay their overdue taxes, such as getting a bank loan or cashing in investments, the letter says that one of Pioneer's collection scripts also advises its agents to give taxpayers repayment options that are ‘extraordinarily dangerous for taxpayers' financial security."

I told you this would happen!  Outside collection agencies could care less about the individual taxpayer or about ethical behavior – they are only interested in earning fees by collecting as much money as possible, whether or not it is truly owed, any way they can.  

Forcing the IRS to use outside collection agencies is, and has always been, a stupid idea.  It did not work properly in the past, so why did the idiots in Congress think it would work this time?  Oh well, I guess that is why they are idiots!

* At MARKET WATCH Bill Bischoff asks us to “Take a look at this real-life tax horror story”.

It is indeed a horror story – but the horror could have been avoided.

Bill’s bottom line –

. . . pay attention to details, don’t procrastinate when a tax problem is identified, and consult a competent tax pro to help you resolve the situation unless the problem is a really simple one.”   

Every person who is thinking of starting a business should consult a competent tax pro, and, once the business has been started, immediately give all paperwork related to the business, especially from a state agency, to that tax pro!

FYI – if you are thinking about starting a business you may want to check out my AN INTRODUCTION TO SELF-EMPLOYMENT: THEBASICS OF SCHEDULE C.

* I am going to “go to press” with my THE JOY OF AVOIDING NEW JERSEY TAXES at the end of June.  So you don’t have much time left to take advantage of my “pre-publication” offer (click here).  This offer will only apply to orders postmarked before July 1, 2017.

* Jason Dinesen begins a new post series on "Managing Cash Flow and Working Effectively with Banks" at DINESEN TAX TIMES.  Check out “Part 1”.


A typical example of nut job loser Trump’s delusional narcissism from an interview with Michael J Fox in the AARP magazine –

This was about an episode of SPIN CITY {late 1990s sitcom – rdf}.  Since it was about New York, you had to have all the New Yorkers in it, right?  He {Trump} came in, did his stuff, did it well – he was pure Trump.  Great.  We enjoyed having him on the show.  But every time I’ve seen him since then, the same thing has happened.  If I walked out that door right now and he happened to be right there, it would happen again.  He’d say, ‘When I was on your show it was the highest rating you ever got!’”

And you know he would not be joking - the buffoon sincerely believes it.

He certainly hasn’t changed.  What an arsehole!


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