Tuesday, July 25, 2017


* Jim Dinesen paraphrases Star Trek’s Dr McCoy and tells it like it is in “I’m An Accountant, Not a Miracle Worker” at DINESEN TAX TIMES -
“. . . clients are shocked and offended that I can’t just magically make the taxes go away.
I’m the bad guy because they are unhappy with how the tax return turned out.
Here’s the thing: I ain’t the miracle man. Once December 31st comes and goes, there’s virtually nothing I can suggest that will reduce your tax burden. Once the year ends, whatever happened happened.”
* Attention tax pros - check out this week’s THE TAX PROFESSIONAL post “Triple Check All Returns”.  And please share it with fellow tax preparers. 
* From Tina M. Kleckner EA‘s new blog - “A Good Reminder of Business vs. Hobby Activities”.
* Kay Bell reports “Colorado has collected more than half a billion in pot taxes” at DON’T MESS WITH TAXES.
You can bet other state politicians are taking note of this news.
* Michael Cohn tells us “States gear up for sales tax holidays this summer” at ACCOUNTING TODAY.
* Here’s an interesting resource for anyone interested in the history of the 1040 – “U.S. 1040 Tax Forms, 1913 to 2006”.
* From Robert W Wood at FORBES.COM – “IRS Warns That Pay On Disability Is Often Taxable: Here's How To Tell”.

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