Tuesday, August 1, 2017


FYI – On Sunday I will board Amtrak headed to Washington DC, aka “The Swamp That Trump Built”, to attend the National Association of Tax Professional’s national conference.  I will be tweeting about the conference, either during the week or after my return.  
Let us hope the Court does not allow the IRS to continue to collect PTIN fees.
If the idiots in Congress would properly fund the IRS, and stop giving it unnecessary social welfare responsibilities, perhaps the Service would not have to resort to nickel and diming taxpayers and taxpros.
* Stupidity is truly more dangerous than malice!  But nothing is more dangerous than Donald T Rump.
* Attention fellow tax pros – “Help Your Clients Keep Track of Mortgage Interest”.
* Lee Reams II provides a detailed “Field Guide to the Different Types of IRS Notices”.
Do not ignore notices from the IRS, or from a state tax agency.  While some “soft-notices” do not necessarily require an immediate response it is very important that you give any notice you receive to your tax preparer immediately!  Don’t call or email first – just send or hand deliver the notice to the tax pro ASAP.   
* Sad but true (just like the fact that arrogant buffoon Donald T Rump is still in the White House) – Robert W Wood explains “Even If Your Payroll Firm Steals Your Employment Taxes, You Must Pay IRS”.
* It appears the Republicans have moved from repeal and replace to tax reform.  I truly hope that real, substantive tax reform can be achieved (but I am not holding my breath).  Check out my thoughts and suggestions on tax reform – click here.   
* The damage done by the Presidency of arrogant buffoon Donald T Rump grows each day he remains in office.  Kay Bell suggests “‘Trump Effect’ appears to have cost states tax money” at DON’T MESS WITH TAXES.
* ACCOUNTING TODAY has a slide show on “The most common misconceptions about tax preparers”.
I truly wish slide #9 was true!
* Jeff Stimpson follows up on this topic in “Funny ideas: Preparers discuss clients’ misconceptions”, also at ACCOUNTING TODAY.
Some excellent comments of note from my fellow tax pros (highlights are mine) –
’A tax professional shouldn’t rely on software to do the work,’ said Laurie Ziegler at Sass Accounting, Saukville, Wis. ‘[Preparers] should know what to expect for results and be able to do analysis as to whether or not the outcome is as expected.’
And –
Jeff Gentner, an EA in Amherst, N.Y., spends the time with many clients ‘explaining how the software is only as good as the preparer who knows what questions to ask and how deep they need to probe to make sure that they report complete and accurate information’.”
* Sadly Joe Kristan has ended his excellent long-time tax blog THE ROTH AND COMPANY TAX UPDATE.  But he continues to keep us up-to-date on tax issues via Twitter posts.  You should follow Joe on Twitter at @joebwan.


Donald T Rump is an ignorant, incompetent, extremely narcissistic idiot who doesn’t know what the fuck he is doing.  Every day he remains in office he damages the credibility and stature of the White House domestically and America internationally.

Regardless of your political philosophy – whether you are a libertarian, conservative, moderate, or liberal - it is impossible to state with a straight face that Trump is an appropriate and acceptable President, based on his words and actions during his business life, during the campaign, and since taking office.

His recent speeches to the Boy Scouts and law enforcement officials in NY, and his constant delusional lies, prove his ignorance, incompetence, and mental instability.

This arrogant buffoon MUST be removed from office as soon as possible before he does irreparable damage to the country and the world.


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