Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Arrogant demagogue Donald T Rump, or Tronald Dump as he is appropriately called in the unique “pig latin” of the comedy troupe CAPITAL STEPS, wants “tax reform”.
But he really doesn’t give a rodent’s hind quarters, or an airborne sex act, about the actual details of this “reform” – other than how it will save him and his business activities taxes, if he actually pays any taxes at all.
The Dumpster wants Congress to pass tax reform legislation – any tax reform legislation – only so he can claim a victory and say, “Look what I have done,” regardless of what, if anything, he actually does.
Hopefully Ryan and McConnell will provide real and substantive tax reform legislation and not just a token bill aimed solely at giving the Party, and the idiot in the White House, a victory.
I have identified “What Tax Reform Should Look Like” in an editorial at TAXPRO TODAY.

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