Tuesday, September 12, 2017


* I explain “What Tax Reform Should Look Like” in an editorial at TAXPRO TODAY.
* Monday’s post at THE TAX PROFESSIONAL discusses “A Controversial Tax Reform Idea”.   
* Attention tax pros - Russ Fox has announced “IRS Appeals Steele Decision” at TAXABLE TALK - 
To no one’s surprise, yesterday the IRS appealed the decision to the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. It will likely be sometime next year before the case is heard and a decision rendered.”
So I won’t be looking for my refund check for past fees paid in the mail.
* At DON’T MESS WITH TAXES Kay Bell has some tips on “Reconstructing tax & other records after a natural disaster”.
* And Kay celebrated Grandparents Day with “Tax-advantaged ways grandparents can give to grandchildren”.
* FORBES.COM has launched a “Tax Reform Week”, starting off with “GOP Is Making Tax Reform Much Harder Than It Needs To Be” from Stan Collender.
* And FORBES.COM’s TaxGirl Kelly Phillips Erb continues “Tax Reform Week” with “Guest Post: Can the Tax Code Really Be Simple? by Shaun Hunley.
Continue to follow Kelly’s week of guest posts – my guest post should be included soon.
* Tony Nitti also joins in the fun of “Tax Reform Week” with “The 5 Big Questions Surrounding Tax Reform”.
Not only is it Tax Reform Week, but Tony points out -
It also happens to be National Prostatitis Awareness Week, and it's debatable as to which one is tasked with drawing attention to the bigger pain in the ass.”
And Tony explains the main reason why we probably will not get true substantive tax reform (highlight is mine) –
You get the idea: for every provision that makes our tax law "complicated" and is targeted for removal, there will be a group willing to fight for its continued existence. And congressmen and women unwilling to ruffle the feathers of either these special interest groups or general constituents.”
* Hey, check out my “Author Page” at AMAZON.COM.  Several of my tax planning and preparation books are now available in e-book format for reading on Kindle!
An IRS tax collector, a reality tv “celebrity” (reality tv does not have “stars” – the description “star” assumes at least some degree of talent) and Donald T Rump are in a row boat in the middle of a lake.  The boat overturns.  Neither of the three can swim.
You pass by them in another boat.  You would only be able to save one of the three from drowning.
What would you do - read the paper or eat your lunch?
To be honest, I would probably at least think about saving the IRS tax collector.

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