Monday, October 2, 2017


* ICYMI – I provided my “review” of Trump’s tax reform “plan” in “The Devil Provides Few Details”.
* This week’s post at THE TAX PROFESSIONAL gives us “A Little This-A, A Little That-A”.
* Russ Fox suggests it may be time to “Prepare to Panic!” at TAXABLE TALK.
* And Russ reports “IRS Suspends ASFR Program”.
ASFR is the Automated Substitute for Return program.  If you do not file a return eventually the IRS will create a “substitute” return form using the information it has in its information document matching system.  However, it will create the worst possible return – filing Married Filing Separate if married, claiming no dependents, reporting gross proceeds from investment sales as income, and with no deductions or credits – and generating the highest possible tax liability.
I agree with the bottom line of the post –
As a tax professional, I’m not a fan of the suspension. Sure, this program may have been overall a cost center; however, it likely forced noncompliant individuals in to compliance—and that’s the goal of the IRS (current compliance). Overall, this change seems to me to be a shocking mistake.”
I do believe that receiving an ASFR return forces delinquent taxpayers to submit a correct return, which has happened a couple of times in my practice.
* Tina M. Kleckner EA explains “What is an Enrolled Agent Anyway?” at her blog.
Tina includes an important reminder (highlight is mine) -
EA’s are the only practitioners who have demonstrated technical competence to the IRS specifically in matters of taxation.”  
Please note – a person with the initials CPA after his/her name has NOTdemonstrated technical competence to the IRS specifically in matters of taxation.”
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* Jean Murray lists “8 Great Year-end Business Tax Planning Tips” at THE BALANCE.
Every single day arrogant mentally unstable demagogue Donald T Rump does something to demean American principles of democracy and freedom and to embarrass America.  
People have said give arrogant Donald T Rump a chance.  He has had 9 months and has proven himself beyond a doubt to be incompetent, unfit and mentally unstable.
Enough is enough!  We must remove Trump NOW!

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