Monday, October 30, 2017


We are all, taxpayers and tax professionals alike, anxiously awaiting the actual specific details of the “cocktail napkin scribblings” that is the Republican “framework” for tax “reform”, which is expected to be released in early November. 
While we are waiting, here is some BUZZ -
* The blog of the NATIONAL SOCIETY OF ACCOUNTANTS (the other NSA) quotes from the IRS “Commissioner’s Corner” to announce “David Kautter to serve as Acting Commissioner” –
Secretary Mnuchin has announced that David J. Kautter, Treasury’s Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy, will serve as Acting IRS Commissioner when my term ends next month.”
* TaxGirl Kelly Phillips Erb of FORBES.COM addresses “The Difference Between Innocent Spouse And Injured Spouse” in an “Ask the TaxGirl” post.
* Want to know “What’s New For 2018” in taxes (under current tax law)?  Click here for my free compilation.
* Kay Bell’s DON’T MESS WITH TAXES post “Medical tax provisions affected in 2018 by inflation” includes 2018 information on HSAs and MSAs that are not included in my “What’s New for 2018” compilation.
* And click here for my free TAX TOPICS e-newsletter.
* Jason Dinesen adds to his Glossary with an explanation of the difference between “Tier I/Tier II Railroad Retirement Benefits” at DINESEN TAX TIMES.
* Today at my THE TAX PROFESSIONAL blog “2017 Year-End Tax Planning – What Do We Tell Our Clients?”.
BTW – did you see last Wednesday’s TAXPRO BUZZ?
* It is that time of the year for year-end tax planning again.  The November issue of ROBERT D FLACH’S 1040 INSIGHTS includes details on year-end planning techniques and strategies, details on what’s new in taxes for 2017, and some worksheets to help with your year-end plan.  I will send you a copy of this issue as a pdf email attachment for only $3.00. 
Send your check or money order for $3.00 payable to TAXES AND ACCOUNTING, INC to Taxes and Accounting, Inc, 1040 Insights Tax Planning Issue, PO Box A, Hawley PA 18428.
It is vitally important that every American read this remarkable speech from one of the sadly too few true patriots in politics today.  Click here.
Let’s get one thing perfectly clear.
Arrogant idiot Donald T Rump does not want tax reform, or anything else on the so-called "agenda". He wants a legislative victory – any legislation regardless of its content or merit – simply so he can say “Look what I did”.
Trump has no political beliefs. His one and only true belief is "Trump is good and Trump is great".
Republicans who refuse to vocally denounce Trump because they believe he wants what they want are as delusional as he is!

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