Friday, December 29, 2017


Let me end the year 2017 by saying what needs to be said loudly every day until the situation is fixed.

I am going to say what I believe at least 75% of every journalist, every elected official, and every government employee has said to themselves and in private, and wishes they could say out loud – Donald Trump is an idiot!

Trump is clearly a self-absorbed and self-important malignant narcissist.  It is obvious he has no conscience, no shame, no humility, no empathy, and, saddest of all, no humanity.

I have never seen any evidence that Donald Trump has ever performed a totally positive and totally unselfish act in his entire life.  I challenge anyone to provide me with evidence to the contrary.

Every President – perhaps every national politician - in my lifetime, regardless of whether or not I have agreed with them politically, and regardless of their individual eccentricities and personality faults and their degrees of ethical or moral challenges, has at least at some time in their political life shown evidence of humanity and humility, and has performed totally positive and unselfish acts.  And have actually admitted when they have made an error.   

Donald Trump is incapable of admitting he has ever made a mistake.  And Donald Trump cannot speak about anything to anyone anywhere without prefacing any statement or remarks by basically saying, “look how great I am”, spouting easily identifiable delusional lies as proof.

It is clear that Trump is more interested in the perception of the size of his abilities, accomplishments, crowds, reception, wealth, and body parts than in the principals of American democracy or the American people.

Despite all the talk of his alleged political "agenda", Trump has none.  His only agenda is, and has always been, (1) feed ego and (2) line pockets.

Donald Trump is literally the very last person who should ever be occupying the White House.  He is ignorant, he is incompetent, he is unfit, he is unstable, and he is dangerous!