Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Just so there is no doubt about my opinion of the current President of the United States, let me be crystal clear.

Donald T Rump is a deplorable and despicable human being.  He is a worthless piece of shit.

He is an ignorant, incompetent, and delusional mentally unstable narcissist and sociopath who is totally unfit to serve as President.

His every thought, word, “tweet”, and action is motivated and controlled by his extremely excessive narcissism and delusions of infallibility, and his desire for personal financial gain - and absolutely nothing else.

He has no “political” agenda, nor any political beliefs or convictions.  His only agenda is, and has always been, (1) feed ego and (2) line pockets, in that order.  His one and only true belief is “Trump is great and Trump is good”. 

As a candidate and as President he has rarely, if ever, made a completely truthful statement to anyone about anything.  It is impossible to believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

Trump has never shown any respect for anyone or anything, and, despite the office he holds, he does not deserve any respect from anyone.

I will constantly and consistently vocally and aggressively oppose and denounce Donald T Rump the man via any venue available to me until he is removed from office. 

I do not oppose and denounce Trump because he is an alleged Republican or conservative – he is neither.  My opposition is not political – it is patriotism.  I join millions of Americans – Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, liberals, moderates, and conservatives – who oppose and denounce Trump and call for his immediate removal from office.

Got it?