Monday, February 19, 2018


The floodgates have opened!

As always happens, prior to my annual 30+ year traditional visit to Monmouth County NJ for “house calls” as returns arrive I get them done and out promptly.  But once I return from my trip the “do be done” box begins to fill.  I now have 18 returns in that box, and 1 in the “red file” (to be done).

The season has gotten off to a good start – I am at least on par with last year’s work completion, and may be somewhat ahead.  I will have a better picture at the end of February.  No major client issues have arisen yet – and minimal returns have spent any time in the “red file” so far.  No weather or equipment issues either.

FYI, my phone has not been on during these past first weeks of the tax filing season.  So every day I have been “behind closed doors” – although I have been checking emails regularly throughout the day and responding promptly where appropriate.  To be perfectly honest I have enjoyed being able to work without interruptions.  I may put the phone, but not the answering machine, on going forward, but have not decided yet.  I have become spoiled.  In any case – the best way to contact me is always via email at – even on Wednesdays. 

Before I go - a holiday message.  On this President's Day let us remember past Presidents who had intelligence and competence and cared about America and its people, as we struggle to deal with the current one, who clearly does not.

OK – back to the 1040s!


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