Monday, July 9, 2018


I realize this is not a tax-related post.  But it is very important that this be said, and constantly repeated, until it is absorbed and understood and the problem has been solved.

Donald T Rump is truly an aberration in the history of American politics.

There is no comparison between the deplorability, despicability and total lack of humanity of Trump the man or the ignorance, incompetence and danger of the Trump Presidency and any other US President ever.

It has nothing to do with political philosophy or partisan politics.

Trump is the only President in our history that has earned and deserves total disrespect – because he does not and never has shown any respect for anyone or anything, except perhaps authoritarian and dictatorial leaders.

No national politician in our history has ever been guilty of gleefully and unapologetically committing as many inappropriate, unethical, immoral, and illegal acts during his lifetime as Trump. He has committed multiple times every single “indiscretion” that has ever derailed any politician in the past.

The Trump Presidency is unacceptable, inexcusable and indefensible.

No other candidate from either major Party who ran for President in the 2016 primaries, nor the candidates in the general election from the Libertarian or Green Parties, could have been a worse, more inappropriate, and more irresponsible choice for President than Donald T Rump.  The "lessor of two evils" argument does not work with Trump.  In any possible comparison to any other alleged "evil" Trump is ALWAYS the more evil choice.

As I suggested in a local letter to the editor when Trump first joined the race, Homer Simpson would have been a better and more responsible choice for President. Both are tv cartoon characters – but Simpson lacks the deplorability and despicability of Trump. And Simpson is smarter than Trump!

We cannot afford to accept, or even tolerate, Trump’s continuation in office. We cannot, as we have done in the past, simply say “this, too, will pass” and do nothing. We MUST act.

Every day he remains in the White House America, and its values, reputation and credibility, is diminished a little more.

American can never be great again until Donald T Rump is told “you’re fired”!


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