Wednesday, November 7, 2018



* Have you checked out the new “issue” of THE LAKE REGION SOMETHING?

* Tony Nitti is back posting at FORBES.COM with a new “Tax Geek Tuesday” on “Reaping The Benefits Of Investing In An Opportunity Zone”.

None of the GOP Tax Act explanatory sessions I have attended so far even mentioned this new tax benefit – which actually sounds pretty good.  It has only been mentioned recently because the IRS has released proposed regulations.  I look forward to hearing more about this, hopefully, at the NATP year-end tax update seminar in Atlantic City later this month.

* It’s back!  My TAX GUIDE FOR NEW HOMEOWNERS.  And it’s updated for the changes enacted by the GOP Tax Act.  A great gift for new homeowners at Christmas, or any time of the year,

* Kelly Phillips Erb, the internet’s TAXGIRL, provides us with “A Quick Comparison Of Tax Reform Changes” via some helpful visuals.

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Subscribers can download for free such files as “What’s New for 2018”, “Comparison of Tax Law 2018 vs 2017”, “2017 Tax Calculation Using GOP Tax Act Rules”, “Preliminary Tax Return Worksheet”, and a compilation of Tax Forms, Schedules and Worksheets to help in preparing your returns.  And they receive a special discount on all my tax planning and preparation books and reports.

* Returning to TaxGirl Kelly Phillips Erb, has brought back her popular contest for tax students, which she explains in “Tax Student Writing Contest: Win An A” -

Write an article about a hot tax policy issue. I’m not looking for a news or legal summary, I want a policy post. Pick an issue, take a position, and explain why it matters in the tax world.

* And for the trifecta the TaxGirl brings back her “Getting To Know You Tuesday” series with a Q&A with “Manasa Nadig, EA”.


A day of great celebration.  The Democrats now control the House!

This is a day to celebrate not because the programs and policies of the Democratic Party are superior to those of the Republican Party – although in most cases, since today’s Republican Party has truly become the Party of Trump, this is true. 

It is a day to celebrate because it is, hopefully, the beginning of the end of Donald T Rump and our national nightmare.  The arrogant idiot will finally begin to be properly investigated and held accountable for his unacceptable, indefensible, unethical, illegal and un-American actions and behavior.

Trump himself said, correctly for once in his life, that this election was about him (of course he did, because everything with Trump MUST be about him).  Trump lost!

It is disappointing that the Democrats lost some ground in the Senate.  But there were gains in Democratic governors.  And the Democratic victories resulted in more diversity. 

A message has been sent to the Republicans in Washington that their despicable and deplorable acceptance and defense of Trump and his behavior has consequences.  

It is proof that there are more intelligent Americans with a conscience than there are ignorant and racist Americans like Trump himself.  Although the margin is disappointing, with 46% of the voters choosing Republican candidates.  

And now we work toward the day when America finally says to Trump, "You're fired"! 


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