Monday, January 7, 2019


I have been saying this for a long time now - journalists and politicians need to stop reporting and dealing with Trump as if he was a “normal” President or politician, in the same league as any past President, presidential contender or national politician of either Party. 

Trump is an aberration.  Nothing he has said or done has been the least bit Presidential, and most of what he has said and done has been un-American.

Regardless of what you may think personally or politically of Obama, Bush, the Clintons, Romney, Saunders, or any other national politician – none have ever been anywhere near as despicable and deplorable as Trump.  And none have been unfit, unqualified or unprepared to serve as President, as Trump clearly is.  It is obvious that no other candidate could have been a worse choice for President, or any national office, than Trump.

Nothing Trump says, tweets or does is based on facts or reality.  He lies to everyone - everyday - about everything.  He has absolutely no concern for America, the American people or the world.  He is totally self-absorbed – everything must be about and for him.  When he speaks it is directly and only to his core cult of ignorant deplorable racists – and, besides feeding his ego and lining his pockets, their perception of him is the only other thing that matters to or motivates Trump.  He very literally lives for the roar of the crowd at his nonsensical rallies.

We must call a spade a shovel – Trump is an ignorant and incompetent delusional demagogue, narcissist and sociopath who must be removed from office ASAP before he does irreparable damage to America and the world.

The acceptance, defense and support of Trump by the Republican Party is unacceptable and indefensible.  The once Grand Old Party has turned its back on American values and democracy by embracing the worst and most dangerous President in the history of America.  The Republican Party has lost all credibility and legitimacy.  A new truly conservative-based political party is needed to replace the disgraced Republican Party.

Opposing and denouncing Trump is not politics – it is patriotism!


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