Friday, January 18, 2019


What are the options for explaining Trump’s attitude and actions toward Russia?

1. Trump is the biggest moron ever to hold public office in America.

2. Trump hero-worships and envies Putin, and authoritarian leaders like Putin, and wants to be accepted and liked by Putin.

3. Trump, being the ultimate narcissist, is being easily “played” by Putin who praises Trump and appeals to his narcissism.

4. Trump is delusional and, obviously incorrectly, believes that he can do anything better than anyone, including running the country, and that anyone with intelligence would want him in the White House; he accepts Russian help as being nothing wrong, and ultimately assisting Americans to do the right thing by putting him in the White House.

5. Trump wanted to, and probably still wants to, build a "Trump Tower" in Moscow, and needed/needs the support of the Russian government.

6. Putin has documentation of illegal or “perverted” acts by Trump and is blackmailing him.

7. Trump is an active, affirmative and intelligent agent of the Russian government.

There are really no other options.

I do not believe #7 is true. I will never give Trump any credit for intelligent thought or intelligent action.

The real explanation is a combination of the first 4 options, and, obviously, most definitely option #5.  And, also obviously, in any context #1 and #2 are true statements.

While #6 is possible, it is less likely than the first 5.

Regardless of which option or options explains the situation TRUMP MUST GO!

What do you think?


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