Tuesday, November 26, 2019


* It is fast approaching the time of year when FORBES.COM’s TaxGirl Kelly Phillips Erb posts her annual “The Twelve Days of Charitable Giving ”.

* Staying with KPE, she discusses “Divorce, Retirement Accounts & Taxes: The Importance Of Getting It Right”, also at FORBES.COM.

* And a post from her original TAXGIRL.COM blog provides us with a KPE trifecta.  She gives us an “Ask The Taxgirl” item, answering the question “Are Home Equity Loans Still Deductible?”.

* A new post at AMERICANS FOR COMMON SENSE - "Religion and Politics".

* The NSTB BLOG identifies “Tax Resources for Military Personnel”.

* Kay Bell tells us “IRS conducting in-person tax compliance visits in 3 states” at DON’T MESS WITH TAXES.

The 3 states are Arkansas, Texas and Wisconsin.

Basically, according to the IRS, its agents will contact taxpayers, again individual and business, who have a previously known tax issue that wasn't resolved through mail contact.”

* THE TAX FOUNDATION supplies us with a tool for “Tracking the 2020 Presidential Tax Plans” of the Democratic candidates.

I do not support Democratic tax policies of taxing the rich simply because they can afford it and using the Tax Code to deliver government benefits and redistribute wealth.  Click here for my views on tax reform.

While tax policy is important, and it is important to know a candidate’s tax and other policies, the most important criteria for selecting a Democratic candidate for President in 2020 is the ability to defeat Trump.  No issue is more important in 2020 than removing Trump from the White House.

* Jim Buttonow lists “Ten major trends in IRS audits” at ACCOUNTING TODAY.

Some interesting trends.  Specifically, “Most audits are done by mail”, 75% mail audits and 25% office or field audits for 2018, and this -


To all the Republicans out there, in and out of Congress - it comes down to this.

Do you believe career diplomats and members of the intelligence community whose primary concern is protecting the national security of the US or a totally self-absorbed ignorant and incompetent moron whose ONLY concern is protecting himself?

The answer is obvious to anyone with a brain and a conscience. 

Those who still support and defend Trump either have no brain or no conscience - or neither.


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