Monday, July 20, 2020


* Jason Dinesen looks back on “Tax Season 2020: The Lament of the Solo Tax Practitioner” at DINESEN TAX TIMES.

I agree with Jason when he says –

“. . . for all I know about taxes . . . I still learn new things about taxes every day; literally every single day.”

* It is interesting that the IRS chose July 15th to issue this – “IRS announces 2021 PTIN fees for tax return preparers”.

The fee is $21.00 plus “a $14.95 fee payable to a contractor”.

The PTIN Fee that had been charged by the IRS was shot down by the courts a few years back, so we haven’t been paying this for a while now.

I don’t mind a token fee to the IRS, and$21.00 is not excessive, but why do we have to pay a processing fee to an outside contractor that is more than 2/3 of the actual fee?  If Congress funded the IRS properly this would not be needed.

* The NATP BLOG provides a brief compilation of “2020 tax season recap and highlights”.

* Kally Phillips Erb, the FORBES.COM TaxGirl, gave us “30+ Tax Tips From The Tax Pros”.

Want to know my best advice?  Click here.

* Staying with FORBES.COM, Howard Gleckman reports “Millions Of Taxpayers Are Asking: Where Is My Refund?”. 

I know I have received so many emails from clients asking that question that I have a created an automatic response to explain the IRS delay.

BTW – Howard is one of the millions who are asking.


The statement “Black Lives Matter” is a true statement.

The movement is NOT saying “Only Black Lives Matter” or “Black Lives Matter More Than White Lives”, or “White Lives Don’t Matter”.   Simply “Black Lives Matter”.

It is the White Supremacy movement - emboldened, empowered and “legitimized” by Trump - that is saying “Only White Lives Matter”.

Black lives matter.  White lives matter.  Brown lives matter.  Red lives matter.  Yellow lives matter. 

The only lives that DON’T matter are those of Trump and Pence.


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