Monday, August 31, 2020


* Kelly Phillips Erb’s post “You’ve Got Mail (from the IRS)—But What Happens When You Don’t?” from her original BLOOMBERG.COM blog looks at the issue in light of potential IRS modernization.  But I look at it in light of moron Trump’s recent attempts to destroy the Post Office.

KPE ends her posting observing –


The agency’s in-person shutdown due to the pandemic has highlighted how dependent taxpayers and tax practitioners are on the mail system and how easily a disruption to the processing of paper refunds, payments, and returns can bring the entire system to a halt.”


Another area where Trump’s obvious irresponsibility and lack of concern could cause serious problems.


* From THE STREET – “Ask Bob: How to Fix an ‘Over contribution’to an IRA”.


FYI, the “Bob” being asked is NOT me – although I did once write regularly for THE STREET (see last week’s BUZZ).


* Jim Blankenship answers “20 Questions About 529 Plans” at GETTING YOUR FINANCIAL DUCKS IN A ROW.  


* If you haven’t already done so, I urge you to read my “Open Letter to All Americans”.


* The “IRS provides tax relief for victims of California wildfires; Oct. 15 deadline, other dates extended to Dec. 15”.


* Good advice for young people from Kevin McCormally and Rocky Mengle at KIPLINGER.COM – “Why You Need a Roth IRA”.


* Nothing to do with taxes – but this is important to read.  An actual Christian speaks the truth about Trump, denouncing the so-called “Evangelicals”, who are Christian in name only.   Please read “I'm Billy Graham's granddaughter. Evangelical support of Donald Trump spits on his legacy”.



Trump is a cancer.  Trump is a virus as bad as, if not worse than, COVID-19.  He has infected, perhaps fatally, the Republican Party.

The Republican Party is no longer a “Grand Old Party”.  It is no longer the Party of Lincoln, or of Eisenhower, or of Reagan.  It is truly the Party of Trump.  Which makes it The Party of Ignorance, The Party of Hate and Bigotry, The Party of Incompetence, and The Party Without A Conscience.


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