Wednesday, June 6, 2007


This question came in response to my posting on Amending Your Return.

Q. If you want to file an amended return for 2004 and are not as tax savvy as the Wandering Tax Pro is there any software that can help with this daunting task? I seem to be overwhelmed trying to amend our Schedule C and all of the accompanying forms (i.e. 8829, 4562) with instructions that can be over 50 pages long. Please help!?!

A. I do not know of any software that will prepare a 1040X, although I am sure that there is such a program somewhere out there.

I am not the person to ask regarding tax software. I do not use software to prepare tax returns - I prepare about 400 sets of returns each year by hand.

In any case, you should not rely on software to make up for your lack of “tax savvy”. As I have said many times in the past, no tax preparation software is a substitute for knowledge of the tax code. As with any software program the rule is "garbage in - garbage out". If you don't know how to enter the information, or what information to enter, you will not get the best, or even the correct, answer.

And no tax preparation software is a substitute for the services of a trained tax professional. If you are overwhelmed trying to prepare an amended return you should consult a tax pro (although not me – I am not accepting any new clients). You can find one in your area at


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