Tuesday, September 25, 2007


It seems that due to my increased popularity (or should that be notoriety) as a competent tax professional and my increased exposure on the internet I am getting more and more email tax questions from clients and non-clients, readers and non-readers. So I will attempt to make every Wednesday ASK THE TAX PRO WEDNESDAY, much like WHAT’S THE BUZZ is posted each Saturday.

If you want to submit a question you should first read my posting “Ask The Tax Pro – Please”.

I suppose to cover my arse I should offer the normal disclaimer that my postings are “prepared for educational and general information purposes, and should not be considered legal advice or legal opinion”.

What my answers will basically be, based on the limited information provided in the question, and based on a review of “tax authorities” (Tax Code, Tax Court, Revenue Rulings, Letter Rulings, IRS publications, etc) and my 35 years of experience preparing 1040s, are what I would recommend to a client in the same situation.

Of course the phrase “based on the limited information provided in the question” is extremely important in this context. There may be other facts and circumstances not mentioned in the question that could affect the advice I would give.

I actively encourage you to discuss my answers with your own tax professional before acting. You can find a tax professional in your area at

One last word – I do not write this blog to solicit new business. I already have more 1040s than I want to handle, and I do not accept corporate, partnership, estate or trust work.

Regarding last Wednesday’s ASK THE TAX PRO entry on health insurance for the self-employed – only one fellow blogger, Will, stopped by to give my answer his blessing. Gina, Kay, Kelly, Trish, Dan, Joe, Jim, Ryan, et al – what’s the word? Did I get it right? Don’t be afraid to let me have it if I was totally off base.

And everyone else – ASK THE TAX PRO!


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