Monday, January 28, 2008


It seems that the IRS likes me and my colleagues!

According to an article from Tax Analysts quoted in various tax blogs:

"The tax press has played an increasingly important role in the IRS's communications strategy as the number and form of media outlets have proliferated over the last 25 to 35 years, IRS Chief Counsel Donald Korb said at a January 18 session of the American Bar Association Section of Taxation midyear meeting in Lake Las Vegas, Nevada."
"Tax bloggers have gone a step beyond what traditional media can do and have 'democratized' the way tax news and other information reach people who may not have had access to such information before the Internet age, Korb said. People no longer have to have subscriptions to tax law publications or be in Washington to get that information, he said. Tax blogs such as TaxProf Blog, which is run by Paul Caron, a University of Cincinnati College of Law professor, 'are a great tool to get information out to a particular group,' he said."

I knew that staffers in Congress read THE WANDERING TAX PRO, as witnessed by a recent email from my Congressman (see “
Well I’ll Be Damned”) – and now the IRS. I better watch what I say!

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