Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Let’s see –

· My annual January mailing to 1040 clients went out on time, and I have heard from several clients already.

· I have completed all my 4th quarter and annual payroll tax returns and reports, except for a few 940s (I am still waiting for the IRS to send them out to clients). If they don’t arrive by week’s end I will download the forms from the IRS website.

· I have finished two of the four sets of calendar year corporate returns that I continue to do (my biggest business client of over 20 years has three corporations and I also do my mail drop’s corporation). I am waiting for tons of information for one (I expect it will be extended), and should complete the other one by week’s end. FYI – I no longer accept corporate clients.

· I have finished and mailed out the LM-3 (Dept of Labor report) and Form 990 for the local union that I do (a friend from grammar school and high school is the President).

The “widget” on your right indicates that it is 83+ days until April 15th (I think it is off by an hour). The official beginning of the season, February 1st, is fast approaching! I have a lot to do in the next 9 days – including a massive housecleaning and laundry effort, stocking up on food and office supplies for the season, and getting shorn (I get my hair cut every six months – whether I need it or not!).

I have an Innocent Spouse claim to do, a couple of 1040s still, a Form 990 for a client’s private foundation, and some research on client prior year and ongoing client issues. While I have not received any 1040 “stuff” yet I should be doing my first NJ tenant rebate claim of the season today.

And starting today I will begin my series of visits to post offices and the local IRS office to gather tax forms. They have not been out at the PO yet, but I am hoping that they will begin to appear this week. I remember during one of the first few years of my tenure with my mentor Jim Gill he sent me to a warehouse in Newark with a suitcase which I would fill up with federal forms.

And I have to write answers to a handful of ASK THE TAX PRO questions for the final two postings before my “hiatus” from blogging. I will be doubling up – offering two-for-one specials these last two weeks.

Each year I say that I will take a brief trip in mid-January to rest up for the deluge that begins on February 1st – maybe next year! On Thursday night I am off to NYC to see NOVEMBER with fellow Jersey City native Nathan Lane - at least that's something.

Enough rambling – off to the Post Office!

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