Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I realize that this has nothing to do with taxes – but . . .

NBC has truly become “Nothing But Crap” with its new so-called “reality” show “I’M A CELEBRITY – GET ME OUT OF HERE!”. While not quite the worst steaming pile of excrement of the genre, it is way down there on the bottom. It takes Z-level “celebrities” (at least they did not say “I’M A STAR” or “I’M TALENTED” in the title) such as Spencer and Heidi, Janice Dickerson, and Sanjaya (they tried for Blagojevich) and lets them loose in the jungle of Costa Rica a la SURVIVOR.

Like most of the other feces of this genre the show is based on a European show – from the UK.

Here is how I would tweak the show’s premise. I would have one of the celebrities be a serial killer and viewers could vote each week who would be the next victim via some gruesome death until only the killer is left – who is then shot by police when trying to escape! Of course I would really kill off the celebreties – nothing fake.

The only way I would break my long-standing pledge not to watch any “reality show” is if some freak of nature (volcano, tsunami, whatever) would kill all the “celebrities” – and the producers as well. Now that would be good television!

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