Friday, October 29, 2010


I had set out to “fabreze” my existing PTIN, as required under the new tax return preparer regulation regime, online at the IRS website once the process become available.

My initial attempts to submit my application online were unsuccessful. Apparently from what I have read in my online “wanderings” other tax pros also had problems with the online process. I discussed these attempts in the post “What a Mucking Fess”.

As a result of my difficulties registering online I filed a paper application on Form W-12 on October 4th. I was concerned when I checked the other day to find that my check for payment of the $64.25 fee had not yet been cashed.

I have been told that while the IRS has resolved most of the initial issues it encountered at the start-up of the online process, there are still problems with “authentication”. This is because of slight differences between the way tax preparers have entered their addresses in the application and what appears on their last tax return, mostly in terms of punctuation and abbreviations.

I was not alone in abandoning the online registration and turning to a paper application. This has created a backlog in processing W-12s, with which the IRS is trying to figure out how to deal. I have been assured that the IRS is working through the issues – and I do believe the assurances.

So if you gave up on the online system and filed a W-12, and have not heard back from the IRS yet (or your check also remains uncashed) do not worry. Have patience.


gottaxinfo said...

I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one

Anonymous said...

I had similar poblems
I wonder if they will have to postpone the start of this problem

I don't think they can handle it


gottaxinfo said...

Just an update sill have not received anything in the mail (after 7 weeks) so I called them...was on hold for 1.5 hours...but did get someone and she said that my application was complete and gave me my PTIN number...same as the one I had. She said she would e-mail me the acceptance letter...havn't received any e-mail yet

Anonymous said...

Well i feel ,i am the same boat as everyone..tried my luck online ,then sent a paper application still no luck.. and whenever i call the ptin info line they have a fixed need to wait 4-6 weeks,,my concern is .by the time I recieve my PTIN number the tax season will be done..