Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Here is a special “post-tax season” Where the Fakawi installment as I prepare to leave for Long Beach Island on my “official” post tax season recuperative trip (a change from Ocean Grove). I plan on seeing BYE BYE BIRDIE at a new (to me) theatre in South Jersey on Friday night. It has got to be better than the Broadway revival of a few years ago. And, of course, some gourmet dining.

(1) I have made a good dent in the GD extensions. There are currently only 15 sets of returns left in the “to be done” box that I can do, or at least start, when I return (I concentrated on quantity and not quality this past week – leaving the projects for when I get back refreshed), and 7 “red files” (need more information). And then there are 7 or 8 returns that have been extended but I have received absolutely no “stuff” for yet. It looks like only 1 of these is waiting for a Form K-1 that will not appear until September.

(2) I am up-to-date on all payroll tax returns and filings for my few remaining business clients (long-time friends and/or clients to whom I cannot say good-bye).

(3) I have caught up on all tax-related correspondence that needed current attention. I am just waiting to hear back from uncles “Sam” or “Chris”.

So once again – “It’s off to the shore. 1040s no more. At least for a while.”

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