Thursday, August 11, 2011


Stop whatever you are doing and go to “The Wandering Tax Pro Meanders to Forbes” at Peter J Reilly’s PASSIVE ACTIVITIES blog on FORBES!

It features a guest post by yours truly on REGULATING TAX PREPARERS.

My TWTP posts are often referenced and linked to on a page in the WALL STREET JOURNAL online venue – and now I am in a FORBES online venue!

Thanks, Peter!

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Peter Reilly said...

Check out my post about Amway. You see blogging is even better than Amway. In Amway it is not so much about selling the soap its about getting other people to get other people to sell the soap. Same with blogging. Its not so much about getting readers yourself as it is about getting other bloggers who get you readers.

It's even better than Amway though, because in Amway you don't get the people in your down-line to make the soap for you.


Great post I really appreciate it.