Wednesday, March 1, 2017


One month down – one and a half to go!
I am ahead of last year (in completing returns, but, unfortunately, not in fee collections).  I have completed 90 sets of returns during the first month of the tax season - more than completed the same time last year!  Many of the returns I completed in late March and early April last season have already been done. 
I have either heard from, made arrangements with, or completed the returns of over half of my client mailing list.
The “to be done” box is not as full as it usually is this time of the season.  And I have only 3 “red-files” (need more information).
I have been “behind closed doors” Monday and Tuesday (and, of course, today, as it is Wednesday), with the phone turned off.  It has been wonderful, but I guess I will have to plug the phone back in on Thursday morning.
There have been no problems to deal with, neither with computer and equipment issues, the weather, or actual tax return issues.
Let’s hope the season continues to run smoothly – and I can end the season with minimal GD extensions!
I will check in with you again after March 15th.

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