Saturday, March 11, 2017


The 2017 Tax Filing Season (February 1 through April 18) is now half over!
I have completed and put in the mail 116 sets of returns during the first half of the season.  Given I completed 229 returns before calling it quits on April 17 last year I have done slightly more than half that number already.  And the 2nd half actually has a little more work time (despite losing an hour this Saturday night) – since I will have less days “on the road”.
Although the IRS has announced that actual returns filed are down from last year at this time – that is certainly not the case with me.  I
 have only a handful of “red files” (need more info) and only a handful of returns received in February to complete.  And the “to be done” box is not as full as it usually is at this time.
Cash payments are also slightly up from the same time last year.
So all is going smoothly – and hopefully it will remain smooth and I can end the season with a minimum amount of GD extensions!
Talk to you again on April 1st.

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