Friday, June 30, 2017


Another pause from taxes to answer an important question.
Why do I oppose and denounce Trump?  While I do disapprove of most of his current politics, the main reason I oppose and denounce the idiot in the White House has absolutely nothing to do with politics.
I oppose and denounce nut job loser Donald J Trump because he is mentally unstable.  He is a sociopath and the textbook example of the ultimate narcissist. 
Look up the word "narcissist" I the dictionary and you will find a picture of Trump! 
His every thought, word, and action is motivated by an unnatural need to feed his undeservedly enormous ego, and his delusional perception of his intelligence, ability and accomplishments.  He is totally incapable of dealing rationally with criticism and challenges.  He constantly takes personal credit for any positive result, regardless of who or what actually accomplished the result, and refuses to acknowledge or accept responsibility for any negative action or result for which he is at fault.  In his deluded mind he never makes a mistake and he is never wrong. 
He has absolutely no concern or respect for anyone or anything other than himself.
He is ignorant and uninformed on the issues and refuses to educate himself properly on them.  He has no intelligent or coherent plans or proposals for properly dealing with the issues.  He claims to be smarter than “the generals” and have a definite specific plan to defeat ISIS, but has never revealed this plan.  His alleged tax reform plan consisted of scribblings on a cocktail napkin.  His ignorance and refusal to learn puts America, and the world, in danger on a daily basis. 
He chooses members of his Administration not based on relevant experience, knowledge or competence, but on their proof of loyalty and their willingness to “kiss his ring” (or appropriate body part). 
He lies constantly to support and feed his narcissism.  I do not believe he has made a single completely truthful statement since throwing his hat in the ring.  He consistently makes statements today that contradict what he has said in the past, not because he has genuinely changed his mind on an issue but because it serves his ego and delusions.
Because of his ultimate narcissism he can, and has been, played like a fiddle by enemies like Putin.
He is a deplorable and despicable human being.  Almost every personal indiscretion or bad act that has ever derailed any political career in the past he has unapologetically done many times over.  Everything he accuses his opponents and critics of doing or being, whether or not his accusations are true, he has done and is many times over.
He puts his personal financial gain above any consideration for the nation or the world.  Throughout his business life he consistently, and again unapologetically, screwed his shareholders, investors, contractors, vendors, employees, and customers while lining his pockets, and now adds the American people to this list.
I have a question for those who support this nut job loser – with all we know about him, based on past and current history, why do you not oppose and denounce Trump?

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Eamon said...

Living in the UK we are lucky that we do not have him in charge. But believe me, he affects the day to day running of my Bristol Accounting business more than I ever imagined it would. His name is constantly being heard in the office!