Friday, November 24, 2017


I hope you had a successful Thanksgiving.

As today is “Black Friday”, here are some suggestions for Christmas gift purchases -

You can now purchase my book THE JOY OF AVOIDING NEW JERSEY TAXES from AMAZON.COM to read as an e-book on Kindle FOR $9.99.  I share my knowledge and experience from 45 years as a professional tax preparer to help you to learn how to pay the absolute least amount of NJ Gross Income Tax possible.  This is the only book I know of that deals exclusively with tax planning for and preparation of NJ state income taxes

I have also converted my book AN INTRODUCTION TO SELF-EMPLOYMENT: THE BASICS OF SCHEDULE C to e-book format.  It is available from AMAZON.COM for $8.99.

Are you thinking about starting a business – either full-time or part-time? Or will you be starting a business in the near future? This book is an extensive “must-have” guide for the newly self-employed sole proprietor who will be reporting business income and expenses on Schedule C, and also a good source of information and advice for the already existing business. It covers a wide range of topics related to tax planning and preparation for Schedule C filers.

And finally there is SO YOU WANT TO BE A TAX PREPARER, available at AMAZON.COM for $5.99.

I love my profession, and share my advice and comments on the tax preparation business for those who are thinking about becoming a paid tax preparer.  This book can also provide help to tax preparers who would like to expand their practice.  The APPENDIX includes copies of a Code of Ethics, Standards of Professional Conduct, an Engagement Letter and the Tax Professional’s Online Resource Guide.  To read a review of this book click here.  

The first two books each have a compilation of forms, schedules and worksheets that are not included in the Kindle e-book version.  I will email the compilation to those who purchase this version.  Email, with KINDLE EBOOK WORKSHEETS in the subject line, and proof or confirmation of purchase “attached”, and I will send you the appropriate forms, schedules and worksheets compilation as a “word document” email attachment.

To order any or all of these e-books go to my AMAZON.COM “Author Page".

For pdf and print editions click here.   


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