Tuesday, December 5, 2006


As holiday party season is approaching, here are some websites that may prove helpful.


As the host/bartender of a holiday party you would have no problem if a guest requests a “Screwdriver” or a “7 and 7”. But what if someone asks for a “3am On A School Night” or “A Kick In The Bollocks”? You can go to this site and search the data-base of over 6000 mixed drinks and cocktails. “3am On A School Night” is 1 shot Wild Turkey and 4 shots Kool-Aid Tropical Punch. “A Kick In The Bollocks” is ½ oz Coconut Cream, 1 oz Double Cream, 1 oz orange juice, 1 oz Peach Schnappes, and 1 oz Dark Rum shaken and strained into a 5 oz cocktail glass and garnished with two melon balls marinated in the rum. I did a search “Stinger” and came up with 16 variations. My drink of choice is the “Brandy Stinger”, which, as I thought, is 3 parts Brandy and 1 part While Crème de Menthe - shaken, not stirred.


Here are some sites that provide guidance for the morning after your holiday party. My favorite cure from the above sites is “The Greasy Burger and Milkshake.” Another interesting cure is the “whining” cure. “If you don’t feel good, everyone should know about it. Strangely enough, the more you tell others about how bad you feel, the better you feel.”

The above sites are from the JUST FOR FUN section of my special report SURFING USA, a compilation of useful, interesting and humorous sites I have come across during my travels on the web. In addition to websites that are Just for Fun, the report identifies and describes links to free online calculators and sites on Personal Finance, Tax Planning and Preparation, and the World of Entertainment.

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