A wonderfully eccentric, 40-year accounting veteran, Robert Flach takes a down-to-earth approach with The Wandering Tax Pro blog. Writing in an informal, instantly-recognizable voice, Flach takes on current events, politics, and money with a sharp sense of humor and a “mad as hell” fearlessness. Posts from 2017 have run heavy on the politics, with well-informed consideration (and occasional take-downs) of government shenanigans, especially with tax reform. His up-front title, “Like Frankenstein, The Tax Code Must Be Destroyed,” pretty much says it all.” – ACCOUNTING DEGREE REVIEW website

His every man approach to tax preparation and his frank and honest advice is a treasure for those entering the field of tax preparation. He is also a no-nonsense guru for the regular tax payer who is trying to make sense of what many view as an overwhelming amount of information to digest.”  -  MASTERS IN ACCOUNTING website

It's always nice to see a brief but thorough review of an issue like that.”  -  JK

That was great.  The NJ-1040 instructions are cryptic even for initiates, and I really like the way you expanded the topic to cover the NJ1040 medical expense field.  I've only been reading your blog for a couple of weeks and I'm hooked.”  -  PL

I find your blog very interesting and extremely well written.”  -  RJ

Keep up the great work with your blog! It is a terrific source of information and your writing style is very accessible. Thanks!”  -  Will

Last but certainly not least, a very special reference goes out to Robert Flach, known to bloggers as The Wandering Tax Pro, on celebrating 40 years as a tax preparer and who has never used tax software to prepare returns, he still uses pen and paper.  While he no longer accepts new tax clients, his blog provides great (personal) income tax information well worth checking out: www.wanderingtaxpro.blogspot.com”.  -  Jason Jones, Strategem CFO

I can’t tell you how much your website “The Wandering Tax Pro” has helped me learn, understand, and decipher the “convoluted by design” Federal Income Tax System. My goal is to be a self-employed tax preparer and everyone needs a good mentor in any profession. Unfortunately, I don’t have one but I consider you my “distant mentor”. As long as you continue to write and educate people on tax preparation, I will be listening and reading on a daily basis.”  -  DB

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