Sunday, January 21, 2007


Let’s take a break from taxes for a minute.

Here are some questions concerning two Broadway musicals from the 1960s based on popular subject-matter that did not exactly take Broadway by storm. The first five readers who can answer all five (5) questions will get a free copy of my special report DEDUCTING CONTRIBUTIONS. The next five will receive a free copy of SURFING USA.

Email your answers to me at Put TRIVIA CHALLENGE in the “Subject” line.

I will provide the answers at the end of the month, before going on my tax-season hiatus.

(1) A while back (I haven’t seen it around lately) a commercial on the “tube” had the Pillsbury Dough Boy dancing to the song “You’ve Got Possibilities”.

This song is from a Broadway musical produced and directed by Hal Prince with music by Charles Strouse and lyrics by Lee Adams, about a fictional American icon, that ran for 3½ months back in 1966. The cast included Jack Cassidy (father of David and Shaun) as a Winchell-esque gossip columnist. The song was sung in the show by an actress who would go on to become a popular tv waitress in the mid-70s to the mid-80s.

Name the show and the singer.

(2) In the early 1960s a Broadway music man turned a classic Christmas movie into a musical. Unfortunately the musical, which ran for 10 months at the Shubert Theatre, did not have anywhere near the success of the source material.

The show starred Janis Paige and Craig Stevens, and the cast included Fred Gwynne (tv’s Herman Munster), David Doyle (Bosley of “Charlie’s Angels”) and Broadway legend Michael Bennett in a minor role.

Name the author, the musical, and the source material.


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