Tuesday, January 9, 2007


* According to AccountantsWorld Daily Headline News:

“Alvin S. Brown, one of the nation's leading tax attorneys who formerly served for the IRS Chief Counsel for 25+ years, established the IRS Forum for taxpayers to log and monitor the IRS on the web - the first of its kind.

According to Brown, the goal of the IRS Forum is to eliminate IRS abuses and misconduct as they become visible to the public, the media, Congress and upper management of the IRS. Taxpayer interaction with the IRS is subject to privacy restrictions, but taxpayers can voluntarily disclose their IRS experiences within the IRS Forum platform. "IRS mistreatment of taxpayers, previously kept secret, will be eliminated when these practices are exposed by taxpayers on the IRS Forum web page," said Brown.”

* AccountantsWorld also reports:

“Schwarzenegger proposes giving all Californians health insurance.

‘My solution is that everyone in California must have health insurance,' the governor said. 'If you can't afford it, the state will help you buy it. But you must be insured. That is number one.’”

I hope the idea catches on and it is proposed for New Jersey!

* Here is some news from the IRS:

The IRS announced today that it will begin processing both e-file and paper tax returns on Feb. 3 that include claims for the major “extender” provisions, including deductions for state and local sales taxes, higher education tuition and fees, and educator expenses. Any other tax returns for individuals that do not claim the extender provision can be filed as normal this month.

The Feb. 3 date allows the IRS enough time to update its systems to accommodate the tax law changes without disrupting other operations tied to the tax filing season.

* BTW, my posting “Getting Ready To Prepare Your Return” has been chosen as the TOP STORY OF THE DAY at TaxBlogger.org!

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