Thursday, January 11, 2007


Trump just won’t let go. Now he has turned on his supposed friend Barbara Walters, who called him a “poor pathetic man” on yesterday’s The View.

To recap how it all started – Rosie O’Donnell commented that the Donald had no right to pass judgment on a 20-year old girl when his own moral character was, to put it mildly, questionable. Trump responded, like a grade-school child, by calling her names (fat, degenerate, an animal, a bully, a loser).

The feud has helped the ratings of The View, which, in true form, Trump has taken credit for.

A friend emailed me to say that someone speculated that the rotten smell in NYC came from the fact that the animal that had taken up residence on Donald Trump’s head had finally died!

Usually when a millionaire or billionaire is in the news it is related to their charitable giving (Warren Buffet, Bill Gates). I do not recall ever reading or hearing about Trump giving even one penny to charity.

I was happy to hear that the first episode of the latest edition of his entry into the diarrhea referred to as “reality television”, of which it has been said, “the Apprentice is to the real business world like Homer Simpson is to real fatherhood” (a bit harsh on poor Homer), had only 9.1 Million viewers, the lowest yet for a premiere.

What’s next for He of the Permanent Bad Hair Day? Trump will be starring in a remake of the Steve Martin film THE JERK, playing himself!

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