Monday, September 17, 2007


The 118th edition of the "Carnival of Personal Finance (Fun Money Facts Edition)" is up and running at Golbguru’s MONEY, MATTER AND MORE MUSINGS (Musings on Money, Personal Finance, Frugality, Debt, and Other Matters).
Golb has added some interesting money facts in between the Carnival’s 12 categories of 88 posts. For example, did you know that Martha Washington is the only woman whose portrait has appeared on a U.S. currency note. It appeared on the face of the $1 Silver Certificate of 1886 and 1891, and the back of the $1 Silver Certificate of 1896.
My ASK THE TAX PRO post on Medicare Premiums is the very last on the list – under the Retirement category. In the days of vaudeville if your name couldn’t be first on the ad the next best placement was last.
I especially enjoyed the posting on “Fire Your Broker: 10 Keys to Investing Successfully On Your Own” from MILLIONAIRE MOMMY NEXT DOOR under the category “Investing – General Discussions”. According to the Millionaire Mommy, “I burned through five brokers before realizing that no one cares as much about my money as I do. Brokers are salespeople. Naturally, they care more about their bottom line then mine.”

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