Thursday, October 4, 2007


Several banks are offering a “referral fee” to depositors who recommend new customers, and also give a similar “signing bonus” to the referred new customer.

A recent email from Capital One stated “Simply ask your friends and family to apply for a Capital One consumer credit card, and for every approved and activated new account (up to 12) both you and your friend will earn a $25 statement credit referral bonus”.

Amboy Direct has a “refer-a-friend” program that gives the new customer referred $25.00 when he/she opens an Amboy Direct Savings Account, and the referring depositor $10.00.

Wachovia Bank reports that, under its Customer Referral Program, “When the person you refer opens a new personal checking account at any Wachovia Financial Center we'll send both of you a $25 Wachovia Visa Gift Card”.

ING used to have a referral program, but I could not find it mentioned on the website.

If you are interested in applying for a Capital One (“what’s in your wallet?”) credit card, an Amboy Direct savings account, or a Wachovia personal checking account, and you do not know of anyone who can refer you under these programs, send me an email at (with THE WANDERING TAX PRO in the “Subject Line”) and I will be glad to refer you.

It will be nice to finally make some money from this blog.


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