Monday, October 8, 2007


Just to let you know - the special Post-Tax-Season sale price of $1.00 each for receiving my Special Reports as a “pdf” email attachment will expire on October 31st.

Can I be frank with you (no, I was not Frank last night). While there are no direct costs to producing THE WANDERING TAX PRO, I do devote quite a lot of quality time to researching and writing my posts. This blog does not generate any income (I am not using it to solicit new business as I am not accepting any new clients at this time). I have yet to receive a penny from any of the few online affiliate programs to which I belong (I am very selective in what I chose to “advertise” on my sites).

So, if you have found THE WANDERING TAX PRO helpful or educational in the past you can support its continuation by purchasing one of my Special Reports.

Hey, I can’t give away all my knowledge and experience for free! The reports on tax deductions have the potential of putting hundreds of dollars in your pocket for an investment of only $1.00 each.

Click here to see what I have to offer for only a buck.


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