Thursday, October 25, 2007


I welcome “appropriate” comments from my readers.

If you agree with me, or “more better” if you disagree with me, please tell me, and explain your reasons why.

If you discover a “FU” in a posting, or you think I made a mistake, please let me know.

If you do not completely understand, or have a question about, something discussed in a posting, please ask for clarification.

If you were in a similar situation to one I talked about, please share it.

If you have additional information on a topic or question discussed, please send it to me.

However, do not use a comment solely as a blatant advertisement for your product, website or political organization by submitting a press release prepared by your PR office.

You are welcome to briefly mention your product, website or political organization if it truly applies to a particular posting. If your website can provide additional, or more detailed, information on a topic discussed in a posting by all means tell me about it (I will personally check out the site before printing the comment) – but don’t send a blatant advertisement.

This posting sort of echoes the “comments on comments” in Trish McIntyre’s post “TANSTAAFL or It's My Blog, part III” at OUR TAXING TIMES. I wonder if we are both responding to the same comment. I also like the new (to me) acronym – check out her post to see what it means.

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