Monday, December 31, 2007


The King of Debt has posted the “Carnival of Personal Finance #133 - Last of 2007 Edition” over at WE’RE IN DEBT.

The very last entry in the Carnival states, “The Wandering Tax Pro looks back at 2007”. I am last probably because I was a late entry. In the days of vaudeville they used to say that if you couldn’t get top billing it was better to be billed last than lost somewhere in the middle!

And then there is “Tax Carnival #27: Waiting for the Tax Ball to Drop” compiled by Kay Bell of DON’T MESS WITH TAXES.

Here I top on the list. Kay says, “As the traditional Auld Lang Syne says, let's not forget the old acquaintance of this soon-to-end tax year. To that end, Robert D Flach, aka THE WANDERING TAX PRO, brings us a review of 2007's tax happenings.”

Wait a minute! Later in the Carnival Kay says, “RDF is back on the midway of 2007's last Tax Carnival with an entry from his other blog, ANYTHING BUT TAXES! There, in "
Won't You Take This Advice I Hand You Like a Brother” he discusses the burden of proof during an audit, particularly when it comes to the cost basis of an investment sale.”

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