Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I have decided to work through this coming Sunday (May 18th) on the GD extensions before "coming up for air" – so that I can either complete and mail out or transfer to a "red file" all the GD extensions I had to file this past April.

While I did get a “second wind” I am once again “running out of steam” and need to take time off to recuperate soon.

As a result my postings to THE WANDERING TAX PRO between now and next Monday will be scarce. I will be doing a "What's The Buzz" posting on Saturday.

FYI, I have posted to both ANYTHING BUT TAXES and THE FLACH REPORT this morning. In “Ain’t Broadway Grand” at ABT I report on the 2008 Tony nominations, and at TFR I discuss economic “stimulus” measure for businesses.


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