Monday, September 8, 2008


My post “The Feeling is Demutual” has recently appeared in the following Blog Carnivals –

* “Carnival of Financial Learning #15 - Google Timeline Edition” at Faron Benoit’s FINANCIAL LEARN blog. I have the honor of being the first of the Editor’s Picks!
While there you should check out “
Let’s Make the Politicians Take Economics 101” by Mr. ToughMoneyLove under Economics. Mr. TML says “the hard truth is that our politicians just don’t know anything at all about economics”. Based on recent statements by the candidates and actions by Congresspersons I could add to that politicians know nothing at all about taxes.
* “
Carnival of Financial Planning - September 6 2008 Edition” at THE SKILLED INVESTOR. I am toward the end - the first of two entries under "Taxes".

* “
Simply Investing Carnival 9/8/08 Edition” at A SLACKER’S QUEST FOR HIS FIRST MILLION. I “anchor” the Carnival. You know what they used to say in show biz – if you can’t get top billing than last is good.

Check out Ben Dinsmore’s entry “Contributing More to Your 401k Is Not as Difficult as You May Think” from TREES FULL OF MONEY.

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