Monday, September 1, 2008


As is my custom I will be laboring away today on the GD extensions.

September will be a busy month. The New York Musical Theatre Festival begins and I have booked three of the shows so far for September. FYI, tickets for NYMF offerings are now on sale to the general public. I have also booked a ticket for THE MARVELOUS WONDERETTES (as opposed to the Wondrous Marvelettes), a new off-Broadway offering, via (code MADRM01), and expect to be returning to Hawley for an overnite to see another silly farce at the Ritz Company Playhouse. And then there is the NJ chapter of NATP’s seminar on September 18th.

I vow that next year all the GD extensions will be completed, or red-filed (and hopefully even all red files will be completed), well before Labor Day!


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