Sunday, September 14, 2008


Since I no longer have the blog ANYTHING BUT TAXES I have decided to save my non-tax ramblings for posting on Sundays.

The NON SEQUITUR comic strip by Wiley often comes up with a real gem. Last Thursday’s strip showed a couple standing on a street corner looking at a sign that read “NO UNICYCLES BEYOND THIS POINT”. The husband comments, “Y’know…up until now I never had the urge to ride a unicycle.”

This same quirk of human nature is the basis for the long-running off-Broadway musical THE FANTASTIKS, which I produced in Hudson County NJ years ago. As the fathers sing in an Act One song –

Why did the kids put beans in their ears?
No one can hear with beans in their ears.
After a while the reason appears.
They did it cause we said no

How true this is – and I have proof.

Many, many, many years ago during my early college days, before we began to rent summer houses in Belmar at the Jersey shore, my friends and I would often spend week-ends at The Whitfield Hotel in Ocean Grove.

After checking in on our first group week-end stay we were told two things by the hotel’s owner –

(1) “Keep off the 4th floor” (this is where many girls who worked as summer waitresses at various local restaurants stayed), and

(2) “Don’t piss in the sink!” (most of the rooms in the hotel did not have a private bathroom – just a sink; one had to go “down the hall” to use the shower or jake)

Up until that point in time it had never occurred to me to relieve myself in a sink. However from that day forward I have pissed in many a hotel room sink when I did not have a private bathroom!


FYI – This coming week I will be going to NYC for my first selection in the New York Musical Theatre Festival, attending an all-day seminar sponsored by NJ-NATP, and visiting my folks in assisted living on two separate days (one to take my mother to a doctor’s appointment) – and I must put in some work on the GD extensions. As result I will be taking a hiatus from posting. I will return with my weekly WHAT’s THE BUZZ next Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Your presence will be missed.

Lars Lottrup said...

I would love to se that comic stripe. You wouldent have a link to it?


Robert D Flach said...


Try this link -